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Bacon – The belly of the pig, smoked, cured and cut into thick slices.  No matter how you cook it, it is always delicious (think side dish, as a garnish, on burgers, in soups, etc)!

Blade Steak - Named for the piece of shoulder blade it contains, blade steaks are an alternative cut to the Boston Butt. With marbling and a deep red color akin to beef, these make an outstanding alternate choice for grilling. Try brushing with hoisin sauce, or simple sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper and grill till medium.

Ham – The hind quarter of a hog, cured and smoked.  Available as a roast or sliced as ham steaks.  Perfect for holidays, sliced for sandwiches, or as a side for breakfast eggs.

Fresh Ham Steak – The unsmoked and uncured cousin of the ham steak.  Great with marinade or glaze, grilled or pan-fried.

Boston  Butt - The upper section of a pork shoulder, containing flat piece of shoulder blade. A wonderful slow cooking cut, perfect for pulled pork, carnitas tacos, or braised in the crock pot with apples and sauerkraut. 

Country Ribs – The rear portion of the loin ribs.  A meaty, under-appreciated cut that is great for braising or grilling with bbq sauce. 

Ground – A great combination of lean and fat results in a juicy mixture perfect for meatballs, pasta sauce, or our personal favorite, summertime pork burgers with mozzarella and grilled peaches.

Smoked Ham Hock – The lower shank below the ham or shoulder, including meat and bone for rich flavor.  It comes smoked and cured, so is perfect for adding to a pot of greens, beans, or split pea soup.

Loin Chop or Roast – The tender muscle that runs along the back of the hog, left on the bone for maximum flavor.  Try the roast in a low oven with a garlic herb crust; grill the chop with salt and pepper until medium (don’t overcook).

Picnic Roast - The lower portion of a pork shoulder, with a smaller circular bone running through one end. Every bit as good a slow cooking cut as a Boston Butt, but versatile enough to be roasted traditionally. Try a bold spice rub, or roast with sweet white wine and fresh herbs!

Sausage – Our sausage comes in three varieties.  Sweet Italian is flavored with fennel seed.  Hot Italian includes paprika and chili flakes.  Breakfast sausage has thyme and sage.   They’re great for everything from summertime barbeques, pizza, or pasta, to biscuits and gravy.  Our sausage comes both in links (Sweet Italian/Hot) or without casings (Breakfast). 

Spare Ribs - BBQ centerpiece and summertime staple, it's awfully hard to go wrong with a rack of ribs! Spareribs refers to the longish ribs that are left after the loin and belly has been trimmed away, hence 'spare'. Great grilled slow and low traditionally with sauce, or, as my Grandma used to, stewed with sauerkraut!


Brisket – the muscular cut from a front quarter of a cow, densely grained and extremely flavorful.  perfect for a long roast with a spice rub or braising.

Chuck Roast – a well marbled shoulder cut that is wonderful for making new England pot roast, cooked low and slow with vegetables and gravy.

Chuck Steak – a thinly cut version of the chuck roast, great for long marinades and grilling or oven roasting

Ground – our pasture raised ground beef is ruby red and full of flavor.  A versatile choice that will make fantastic burgers.

Short Ribs –meaty lower portion of the rib.  A fantastic crock-pot choice with braised with red wine, garlic, and herbs.

Shank – the lower portion of the foreleg, left on the bone for superb flavor.  Requires a long cook to tenderize, but wonderful for adding flavor to stews or served on its own with root vegetables as a main entrée.

Sirloin Tip Roast - One of the more tender roasting cuts from the hind quarter; this circular, medium sized selection is excellent for popping into the oven with an herb crust or simply salt and pepper.

T-bone Steak – Named for the t-shaped bone within it, the t-bone steak is closely related to the porterhouse and is comprised of both tenderloin and short loin cuts. 

Top Round RoastAn excellent all-purpose roast from the rear quarter that is full of flavor, but somewhat leaner than forequarter cuts.  Roast traditionally in a slow oven or add mushrooms, carrots, red wine, and garlic for a French variation of pot-roast!

Our eggs are collected daily and sold by the dozen.  The grass and insects our hens gobble up during their pasture rotations create a deep orange yolk, full of healthy Omega-3s!  They're perfect scrambled, in omelets, deviled as a side dish, or in your favorite recipe.

Roasting Chickens:   
Our Freedom Ranger breed roasting birds are raised on pasture and have flavorful, juicy meat. Customers report especially great flavor with this breed, compared to the Cornish Cross chickens that are commercially raised.  While we only sell whole chickens, we are happy to provide tips on how to break them down into other pieces.


We raise heritage breed turkeys out on pasture seasonally, for the holidays. Email us to inquire. 

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