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Animal Husbandry

Pasture Raised Pork
Our fantastic pork comes from heritage-hybrid pigs born and raised here on the farm! Our Tamworth boars and our Berkshire-cross sows produce muscular, hearty hogs who do well outdoors. We raise all our pigs on pasture, and supplement their corn and soy feed with apples, pears, pumpkins, sweet corn, and all the spare bounty that our good friends at March Farms orchard can provide. From thick-cut smoked bacon to beautifully marbled shoulder roasts (perfect for pulled-pork), our pork is sure to please! Contact us for availability and pricing of cuts!

Grass Fed Beef
The beef from our herd is lean and flavorful, the way beef used to be! Our cattle are raised with care, eating the grasses of our fields and hay in the winter. We apply no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers to our pastures, and our cattle are completely hormone and antibiotic free. We use management intensive rotational grazing to get the most out of our land and our animals, and whether it's a perfectly grilled summer burger or a warming pot of braised short ribs, we believe you'll be able to taste the care and attention we put into our beef!Save


Pasture Raised Eggs
Our laying hens live in mobile coops, roaming around the fields and spending their time nibbling grass and hunting for bugs in addition to their commercial feed. Protected by our brave Great Pyrenees guard dogs, the hens follow our cattle in circuits around the pasture, cleaning up and producing the best eggs around. With bright golden yolks, thick whites, and unparalleled flavor, our completely free range, pasture-raised eggs are perfect for all your omelets, baking, and everything in between!

Truelove Farms
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